Training is Not Always Pretty

Training is not always pretty.

And it’s not all that sexy, especially when you’re waking up before 6:00 am. But, speak to our clients and they’ll tell you that the Safe Training Strategy (STS) workout is an instant “anti-depressant” The serotonin rush takes about ten minutes to kick in, but once it does, you don’t want to stop. STS is not about shocking or stressing your system. It’s gradual, thoughtful and can be done anywhere.

We know what happens when you push too hard and too much.
This potentially can injure you and create set backs and disappointment.

We want to partner with you and train your body effectively and safely. STS is about training Smarter, not harder.

Modifications are our Mantra. Social media posts pictures of the perfect plank, the perfect push-up and the perfect pull up. What they don’t mention or capture is that everyone’s body, strength level and experience is unique.

Muscle strength declines significantly after the age of 50 and then about 15% per decade. A progressive strength training program is critical to slowing down this process. The STS methodology improves and challenges your cardio vascular system. You will strengthen and build your muscles during every workout. We include core exercises to improve balance and stability. STS firmly believes that breath work and mindfulness are a vital part of creating success around your health and your habits. The breath not only anchors you, but it feeds and supports your body continuously throughout your training.

FACT: If you’re determined to eat well and consistently train, you will lose weight and inches.
Regardless of your skill level, you will see results with in the first week. Slowing down and becoming more deliberate with your practice, allows you to execute each exercise with precision and confidence.
We will partner with you and meet you where you are.
We will listen to you.
We will teach you to breathe during every lunge and every push-up.

Safety First


STS is not a magical workout.

It’s about staying safe, motivated and resilient.
Life is complicated and as we age it gets trickier.
Aging is a combination of what we feed ourselves, our level of physical activity and our genetics.

It’s not always about what you do, it’s about how you do it.

We will map out a program that you can sustain and practice every day.
Research shows that when you choose to make movement a regular part of your life and move in ways that feel good to you, you will stick with it and maintain weight loss and increase your energy.

How important is it to you to have a healthy life? We know you can do this and we also know that you don’t want to get injured doing it.
How do we stay safe and out of the Dr’s office?

  1. Probably a good idea to pay a visit to your primary doctor and mention that you are making a few changes in your life. Let your Doctor give you an idea about how your heart and your bone density is.
  2. Make sure you ask your trainer lots of questions. Tell your trainer about every injury you have. Your self-assessment is important to your trainer.
  3. Listen and watch carefully while in a group class or private training session. No selfies while weight training.
  4. You are not training for the NFL, so begin slowly and concentrate on the breath work more than anything else. Be deliberate with your breath.
  5. Listen to your BODY and give it the rest it needs. When we allow our body to recover, it heals and we actually get stronger. Your body will begin to adapt.
  6. This challenge is for you, who cares what everyone is doing on Instagram or Snap chat.
  7. Recruit a reliable work out partner today!