STS drinks ALKA WARRIOR Premium Water!

Alka Warrior Water, a company that gives back….

A top quality, pure tasting, health conscious, premium water with a +- 9 PH level that is second to none.

We take pride in our water and invite you to strive for a healthier lifestyle and grant us the privilege to walk beside you on your own journey to greater health.

We look forward to changing lives one bottle at a time and giving back to all of those “warriors” who enable us to live in the land of the free.

Alka Warrior Water is on a mission to strengthen your body, fuel your soul, and awaken your inner warrior.

As we look to partner directly with the countless unrecognized “warriors” of our military, veterans, and blue line in ways unlike any have before.

Just like our name, Alka Warrior, we strive to recognize all the warriors in this great country we call home, and give back to the very people who defend our communities so we can have the freedom to live the best quality of life we all strive for.

We believe that although we don’t see the battles that many of our military face on a daily basis, they are directly responsible for the very freedoms we take for granted in our everyday life. We believe that upon their return to this great country they should be embraced, welcomed with open arms, and given endless opportunities by the very country they defend.

We look to stand beside our warriors, and integrate them into our business, forming a brand that celebrates the sacrifices they have made.

We are a company on a mission to change lives and support all who help us to live in a land of such freedom, that allows us to create a positive change in the world.