KELP! I need a new body! Kelp! Not just any BODY.


Patrick swings by Dunkin Doughnuts for a latte and a few teeny weenie Dunkin munchkins at 4:00 pm to keep him going till his 7:00 pm deadline, but it keeps him up till 2:00 am. As he lies in bed liking everyone else’s life on instagram, he promises to start eating healthier and go to bed earlier. 

Old ways, old habits and old thoughts will not bring you a new body, a new life or a healthy new year. So how can we distinguish an old way of being from a new way of being? An old way of being  can feel half-asleep, automatic and give you insomnia. Unhealthy habits can be just as lethal. Being aware of  the power of your thoughts can create change instantly.

Instead of a resolution……lets take action.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby effort. Let’s get moving.  We are constantly being reminded to be who we are. Pay attention. When we choose fear or choose experiences that will impact us in a negative way, we are not operating in a new way of being. We can all create strategies and action plans, but finding the right partner to support you and hold you accountable to your new goals and new ways of being is full proof.

After working with Mark and Jackie for six weeks, Patrick now wakes up before 7:00 am. He spends a few moments breathing, sometimes meditating. He might go for a run or train and he makes healthy choices every time he has a meal. When Patrick lies in bed at night, reflecting on his day, he knows that he’ll have a good sleep and sweet dreams of kale and Dr Smood.  The power of suggestion is remarkable. #SAFETRAININGSTRATEGY #BREATHE #TRAIN #RESTORE