Safe Training Videos

Every few weeks we will be adding more videos to this page to help our clients and interested people learn how we do what we do. As well as how to keep you safe at the same time.

See a video that you like but can’t find it after a few weeks? Don’t worry, we have all of our training videos saved and easily accessible in the video archive.

Cross Lunges:
If you’re looking to isolate, tone and strengthen the glute muscles, here’s a perfect exercise for you. Unlike a regular lunge, this focuses on one side of the buttocks at a time. To perform, step back into a reverse lunge, cross your stepping back leg about 6-8 inches away from your front leg. Place your weight on the side glute of your front leg, come back up to starting position and repeat. If you feel tension in your knees, make sure your front knee is not going too far forward and decrease the distance in the back leg.


Pull Ups:
One of the best ways to strengthen your latissimus dorsi muscles (lats) rhomboids and upper back muscles. This exercise uses your biceps as well. When performing, keep your front deltoids about 3-5 inches away from the bar. Don’t swing back and forth, go up and down smoothly, don’t lock your elbows during eccentric phase of the exercise. Engage your core at all time and breathe out during the concentric phase while going up.