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Stretch and Restore

STS focuses on what matters most. A strong mind to prepare you for your daily physical activities, a calm and clear mind to help you manage stress and live happier. Whether you’re working out at home with our training videos or participating in our studio, STS is the perfect solution for people who are tired of feeling they’ve lost control of their health and of how they feel.

STS believes that old injuries, age, unfamiliarity with exercise and a lack of time should never keep you from living the life you were made to live.

Health, Happiness and being Fit shouldn’t be scary or out of reach.

We bring it to you safely, effectively and conveniently. The time is now, let us join you on this beautiful and rewarding journey.

At the beginning of every session we start with a gentle mindfulness practice that helps you mentally engage in the session. We then warm up with a quick cardio routine that stimulates the blood flow into your muscles, joints and core. Then you are warmed and ready for a series of core exercises that help strengthen your abdominals and back muscles. The more challenging exercises will wake-up every muscle group, getting you stronger, leaner and healthier.

At the end of your weight training, there are a series of stretches and relaxation exercises, reflecting on positive thinking, mental strength and the best ways to approach your day or your night. If you choose to follow our program, we will help you reach the fitness goals you never believed were possible.

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