Dear Moobs

Dear Moobs:

My Coach suggested that I write you a letter today.

It seems as though I’m not paying attention to you the way I should.

I hide you. I’m embarrassed by you.

I  wear really cool rash guards in hopes that I don’t have to expose

you to anyone at the beach or the pool.


Listen Moobs, I like beer and I like babes and I love football.

“Babes”, referring to my wife of course!

She’s a Babe.

She doesn’t hide anything (except our Visa bill)!

I still like to do a lot of things, but I’m not always the first to get out of bed on the weekends or the first one to organize a basket ball game after work.


I got lazy Moobs. I don’t eat well. I eat too much and I’m tired of wearing a tee shirt to bed. So is my wife.

I’m making you a promise. This week I’m going to train with my #STS Videos 3x and I’m going to schedule a training session with Mark on Friday before work.

You may not be around by Thanksgiving, but if you are, shits gonna get crazy!

All my carbs,