Dear Moobs

Dear Moobs:

My Coach suggested that I write you a letter today.

It seems as though I’m not paying attention to you the way I should.

I hide you. I’m embarrassed by you.

I  wear really cool rash guards in hopes that I don’t have to expose

you to anyone at the beach or the pool.


Listen Moobs, I like beer and I like babes and I love football.

“Babes”, referring to my wife of course!

She’s a Babe.

She doesn’t hide anything (except our Visa bill)!

I still like to do a lot of things, but I’m not always the first to get out of bed on the weekends or the first one to organize a basket ball game after work.


I got lazy Moobs. I don’t eat well. I eat too much and I’m tired of wearing a tee shirt to bed. So is my wife.

I’m making you a promise. This week I’m going to train with my #STS Videos 3x and I’m going to schedule a training session with Mark on Friday before work.

You may not be around by Thanksgiving, but if you are, shits gonna get crazy!

All my carbs,





Tim Ferriss, author of Tools of Titans  shares his list of rapid-fire questions that he’s collected and created for any social situation.

How can you make the most of every conversation?

You can create interesting prompts and then actively listen to the answer.

The question I thought about this morning is……

“If you could have one gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it, what would it say?”

I wish I had more than one billboard, but for the sake of the exercise, It would say….


I have a theory that if people were more aware of their breath, there would be less road rage, less anxiety, less bullying in schools and less arguing in relationships.

Our breath anchors us.
It nurtures us.
It reminds us that we are safe.
It steadies us before every situation and challenge.

The next time you feel that you are in a stressful or overwhelming situation, ask yourself,

“Am I breathing?”

If you answer YES, your body’s relaxation response is engaged and your body can function from a supported and awakened position.

If you answer NO, your body’s sympathetic nervous system prepares your system for action. The hypothalamus triggers your stress response and within seconds a flood of stress hormones  crashes through your blood stream. So unless you are being chased by a wild boar or trapped inside a burning building, you probably don’t want to activate an emergency response in your body.

Your digestion, growth, reproduction can shut down and your cortisol levels will drive the boat without your guidance.


Keep your energy available and bring awareness back to your belly.
Relax your jaw, your shoulders and feel the movement that your breath creates in your body and your mind.

At the beginning of every
 Safe Training Strategy session we begin with breath work. This allows each participant to pay close attention to signs that might indicate imbalance or fatigue.

The breath restores energy and supports us throughout every pose, every conversation and every experience.

Breathe and all will be revealed.
Our breath allows us to expand our ability to tackle anything at anytime.

By: Jacqueline M. Cohen

Co-Founder of #STS

Smiling in the Mirror


We wake up.

Get ready for the day.

Try to manage all the details of our lives.






Organizing the house.


Filling the tank up with gas.

Grocery shopping.

Birthday gifts.

Amazon Prime.

Googling symptoms.

Doctor appointments.


Insurance bills.


Then something else happens.

Pants don’t fit.

Your back hurts.

You can’t reach your toes.

So you reach for another glass of wine.

Bikini’s get tossed.

Sex is something you watch on TV.

You even stopped dancing at parties.

Then one day, on purpose or by accident, you look in the Mirror.

You’re Naked.

You scream!

Then you get angry and sad or maybe depressed or you just blame your metabolism and your age.

Standing in front of the Mirror Naked may not be high on your list of priorities.

But, what about standing naked in front of someone that wants to actually see you naked and perhaps play a game of Twister with you?

How long has it been since you loved your body?

How long has it been since you were dedicated to taking care of yourself…….just for you?

This is exactly why Safe Training Strategy was created.

Why STS?

We know how busy you are. We know how stressed and over burdened you are.

We also know that you don’t want to walk around in pain, exhausted and over weight anymore.

You want more.

You deserve more.

You deserve the truth.

And we will give it to you.

The STS program is preparation for your next ADVENTURE.

You don’t have to be the one just watching everyone else dance at weddings or rock out at concerts.

You will be the one who jumps on a bike at 7:00 am Saturday morning before anyone else is awake in the house.

You will be the one smiling and maybe even winking at yourself in the mirror.


 Jacqueline Cohen

 Co-Founder of Safe Training Strategy