The Internal Pharmacy

Our bodies can take multiple hits-every day, every week, every year. Our immune system is designed to help our body correct itself. We often forget that our bodies know how to heal way better than we could ever understand. Today, I want to talk about the mind body connection, and how you can become the architect of your own healing. The body is not just a physical device. Your autonomic nervous system mobilizes every second of every day ensuring that your major organs are functioning. Thoughts, food, energy and emotions shape the relationship with our body and our world.

Dr. Mark Hyman believes, “When our foods are biologically addictive, the notion of a person’s choice and will power is a fiction.” Have you ever wondered why, in the middle of the night, you walk through your dark kitchen, open the refrigerator, grab your Ben and Jerry’s pint and finish the whole thing? Foods that spike our blood sugar are biologically addictive. This doesn’t mean that you’re lazy or lack self discipline, we know now that foods that spike blood sugar are proven to be addictive.

All of our imbalances show up in different ways. Sometimes it’s back pain, sometimes its bloating or constipation. We can’t be on autopilot when it comes to nurturing our bodies. Once we realize that food is actually medicine, we think very differently about what we put into our mouth.

When we consciously decide to eat the right foods, it actually sends a message to our brains to shut down these crazy cravings so you can burn fat and feel energized. Let’s make a choice to cook our way out of our addiction- to sugar, to processed foods-and begin one meal at a time.