The STS Manifesto

We get it, time is precious.

That’s why you’re careful with how you spend it.
We also know there are days you wished you could press
a reset button or maybe delete a few moments.

What if we told you that those moments of feeling guilty about missing a workout or squeezing into the jeans you wore in college could be over?

We know you’re smart.
We know your plate is full.
We also know that you want to wake up with a….

  1. A sense of purpose.
  2. Feeling healthy and strong.
  3. Surrounded by people that you love and that love you.

Safe Training Strategy takes all of this into consideration.
We are truthful about what we share with you, what we research and what we’ve experienced for ourselves.

The STS model is simple, smart and successful because it strives to put your personal goals and safety first. We don’t care what you wear, or how many push-ups you do or even the last time you went to a gym. We care that you are willing and ready to partner with a team that is committed to creating a healthy and meaningful lifestyle with you.

We want you on our team.